How long does it take to have my application reviewed? ​​

Applications can take between 2 -4 weeks to be reviewed. After that time you will be notified if your application has been approved or not. 

How long is the Residency Program?
We provide the following programs for you to select. 

Photo Residency:  7 days, 14 days or 30 days

Film Residency: 14 days or 30 days

How many locations can I chose from?

You can select up to 3 locations per application. 

What kind of work should I expect to do?

Creatively speaking, the work will vary depending on your skills & the locations you may visit. 

In terms of deliverables, we work around the following frame work. 


7 day program = 100 Images

14 day program = 250 Images

30 Day Program = 450 Images


14 day program = 2 x 30-60 second videos + "best shots" B-roll

30 Day Program = 2 x 30-60 second videos +  1 x 2-3 Min Film + "best shots" B-roll

Who are the Residents?
People (presumably) like you: Experienced and/ or up-and-coming creators looking for adventure.

​What is included in the Residency program?
We provide accommodation in our Private Shared rooms and 2 meals per day (Breakfast and either Lunch or Dinner)


Do I need my own equipment?

Yes. We won’t ask you to do a specific job unless you have the equipment required to pull it off.

Do you cover travel costs?
Sorry pal, this one’s on you. But once you show up, we’ve got you covered on just about everything you’ll need to live and create onsite.

What are the rooms like?
Our Private Shared rooms are a staple Selina experience: cool, cozy, and clean.  They include a double bed, wardrobe space and a shared bathroom. They are cleaned daily, have air conditioning and wifi.

What is the food like?
In one word... Delicious. Menus vary by location, but we have some signature global dishes that you can find at every Selina alongside locally inspired dishes unique to that location. We cater to all sorts of diets and have great variety of vegetarian & vegan dishes as well.

Can I work on my own projects as well?
Of course. We encourage it! As long as you complete your Selina Residency shoot missions, however else you spend your time is up to you.

What locations should I choose?
Whichever your heart desires. Selina has beach locations if you’re looking to kick up your feet and relax in the surf and sun, we’re in remote jungles and small towns for the set who wants to disconnect, and we’re also smack-bang in urban centers for those looking to immerse themselves in vibrant city culture.

Can I bring my partner to stay with me?
Sure. Your partner can stay in the Private Shared room with you, but we can’t offer your partner any of our meal plans.

How will I know if I have been accepted?
After you have completed our application process we will contact you with a confirmation. Depending on how soon you plan to travel we should get back to you with an acceptance email within in a couple of weeks max.

If you aren't quite right for the job, or we do not have availability at your requested locations we will get back to you with an email explaining everything.

What happens if I need to leave halfway through?

This is a slightly tougher one. The minimum stay is 14 days  and we will not accept any else unless we agree prior to your stay. If something happens like an emergency we can be flexible. But remember, if you try and cheat the system we will know and a breach in our terms and conditions could result in Selina taking some form of action. Also remember that karma can be a bitch.

Where will my work be published?
Depending on your shoot missions, your work may be published in a variety of different places. It may go live on our owned channels or Selina social pages. It could be used across some of our partners’ distribution outlets. Some of your work may even help influence higher-level brand productions with large distribution networks.

Will I be credited for my work?
Duh. The Selina Residency exists to create dope content and support up and coming talent. We would love nothing more than to help promote our residents when given the opportunity.

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